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E2 - T10 Electric Rotor Oven and Rack for 10T 40x60 S/Steel with Proover - Special Gourmet International

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E2 - T10 Electric Rotor Oven and Rack for 10T 40x60 S/Steel with Proover
Product Code: Rotorbake 82580935and947477115

Price per pack: 55000AED /-

Quantity : 350

Production Kg / Hour :

Cycle Capacity / Kg :

E2 - T10 Electric Rotor Oven and Rack for 10T 40x60 S/Steel with Proover

Innovative Conception

Many years’ experience of fanned ovens have enabled Bake Off to create a new generation of rotating ovens that exploit the advantages of both types of design and operation, combining the simplicity of fanned baking with the baking performance of a rotating oven.


The entire RotorBake series has highly compact dimensions thanks to the air supply from heat generators that are in direct contact with the baking chamber.

Both space and heat exchange are thus optimised so that little energy is consumed. Exploiting the closeness between the source of heat and the food has made it possible to reduce wasted energy and therefore consumption to a minimum. This has reduced prices and maintenance costs for the entire RotorBake range. Maintenance costs have been further reduced by the design that ensures easy and immediate access to all basic parts in order to simplify servicing and maintenance tasks.

All the ovens of the RotorBake series are available either in the hook-on, automatic lift-up or platform versions.

• Double steamer
• Double glass
• Stainless steel seals
• Control panel lock
• Instruments
• Lights inside oven
• Door swich
• Explosion vent
• Flue
• Control panel
• Reducer motor
• Steam extraction
• Extractor hood
• Water solenoid valve
• Fan motors


Capacity: 10 T 40x60

Voltage: 1N/400 V ~ 3N

Frequency: 50 Hz/60 Hz

Power: 20 KW

Maximum temperature: 300A533;

Dimensions: 115 L x 120 P x 109 H cm

Weight: 350 Kg

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