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Edible Chocolate Decoration in Dubai

For buying the best quality Chocolate Decoration Dubai, only trust Special Gourmet International Gen. Trd LLC. We bring forth a wide collection of edible designs and patterns, which are used for Chocolate Decoration. The assorted range of designs and patterns are made from top quality ingredients to ensure superb taste and exquisite flavour to the cakes. The variety of flavours and designs available with us include Dark Chocolate Curls, Milk Chocolate Curls, Caramel Curls, Orange Curls, Picasso Pencils, and so on. They are stored and delivered in the best of conditions to ensure that the crispiness and freshness remain unaffected. Our Chocolate Decorations in Dubai are available in a wide variety of shapes and colors, giving you endless options to experiment and jazz up your dessert.

Chocolate is so versatile it makes a great decoration for most plated desserts.


Dark Chocolate Curls

Price per pack: 1AED /-

Quantity : ( 2 Kg Pc)

Milk Chocolate Curls

Price per pack: 139AED /-

Quantity : ( 2 Kg Pc)

White Chocolate Curls

Price per pack: 148AED /-

Quantity : ( 2 Kg Pc)

Strawberry Curls

Price per pack: 196AED /-

Quantity : ( 2 Kg Pc)

Caramel Curls

Price per pack: 196AED /-

Quantity : 2 Kg

Marbled Curls

Price per pack: 203AED /-

Quantity : 2 Kg

Orange Curls

Price per pack: 165AED /-

Quantity : 2 Kg

Rembrandt Pencils 20 cm

Price per pack: 154AED /-

Quantity : ( 16 Pc) 900 gm

Picasso Pencils

Price per pack: 170AED /-

Quantity : 900 gm

Van Gogh Pencils

Price per pack: 173AED /-

Quantity : 900 gm

Mini Cake Top

Price per pack: 259AED /-

Quantity : ( 350 pz Pc)

Round Jura 35 mm

Price per pack: 240AED /-

Quantity : ( 570 pz Pc)

Triangle Jura 55 mm

Price per pack: 140AED /-

Quantity : ( 490 pz Pc)

Square 40x40 mm

Price per pack: 140AED /-

Quantity : ( 360 pz Pc)

Rhombus Jura 40 X 60

Price per pack: 110AED /-

Quantity : ( 360 pz Pc)

Marbled Chocolate Leaves

Price per pack: 143AED /-

Quantity : ( 1.5 Kg Pc)

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