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Special Gourmet International Gen... Trd LLC can be approached by anyone looking for Commercial Kitchen Equipment Supply in Dubai. Throughout the years, Special Gourmet has witnessed several generations that have shared the same vision and consistently implemented and developed the standards of the business as recommended by the company's core values: food safety, quality, and mostly consistency. With these core values, we bring forth the best quality Food Ingredients and Hotel Kitchen Equipment in Dubai.


We pride ourselves for being the premier in trading with gourmet food stuff and equipment, with a focus on 3 main success factors in business:


1] Price: We intend to price ours products 15 to 20% cheaper than that of our competitors.

2] Quality: We only trade in quality products, mostly European with International standards.

3] Time: We keep our promise to maintain our stock at good level and deliver our products the next working day.


We have built the reputation of a reliable Distributor of Food Items and Food Processing Equipment. We stock the finest range of Commercial Cooking Equipment and are thus, the name to reckon with for Kitchen Equipment Supply and other related products. 




Welcome to Special Gourmet International


Special Gourmet International Gen. Trd LLC is a professional distributor of Food Stuff and Hotel and Catering Kitchen Equipment for renowned European brands in the hospitality industry. Our products are mainly classified under 3 categories:





Welcome to a World of Excellence!
Only the finest ingredients for your delicate creations…
Whether you are a Chocolatier, a Confectioner, a Baker or a Pastry Chef;
Whether you work in Dairy, Ice-Cream & Desserts, Sugar & Chocolate Confectionary, Biscuit & Bakery, Breakfast & Snacking;

You can do more with our Chocolate, Fillings & Cocoa related
products, our Pastry & Bakery ingredients, our Decoration & 
Accessories, and our specialized Machinery.