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Gelato Academy - Special Gourmet International

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Gelato Academy

Logo Accademia MontebiancoThroughout the years, Special Gourmet has witnessed several generations who have shared the same vision and consistently implemented and developed the standards of the business as recommended by the company's core values: food safety, quality, and mostly consistency.

 In an increasingly complex competitive environment like the present, ICE-CREAM MAKER OFSUCCESS inevitably must integrate their new theoretical knowledge with practical skills that make him,as well as an Artisan Ice Cream, A TRUE ENTREPRENEUR competent and innovative. It is this assumption that is based on the philosophy of the project proposed by the Academy Montebianco.
The ice cream success, as well as knowing how to "make" a high-quality Gelato, will enrich their education with information relating to food safety, new production technologies, new laws, to better meetthe needs of its customers.

Inside the Academy Montebianco courses are structured to draw a real theoretical and practical training program where each participant can find the course best suited to their abilities and needs.
The theoretical courses are addressing both the issues related to the production of ice cream that topics related to the management of the ice cream business.
PRACTICAL COURSE is aimed at learning the techniques of production of ice cream, frozen dessertsand decorations of fruit, sugar and chocolate. The limited number of participants (maximum 12) and the presence of individual workstations, all equipped with
the necessary equipment to work, offer the opportunity to maximize the learning process of participants who will be joined by tutors dedicated to them throughout the duration of the course.

The faculty is composed MONTEBIANCO by a team of "Masters of ice cream," able to give all the answers related to the preparation of high quality ice cream.

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