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Big Juice
Product Code: Big Juice

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Big Juice

Big Juice

Taste your juice everywhere.

A machine allowing to deliver chilled beverages, while assuring maximum freedom and flexibility of use. With Big Juice customers will always be able to sip a juice in the breakfast room, but even on the terrace, near the swimming pool, in the garden or wherever they like!

Big Juice delivers chilled beverages produced by mixing a concentrated base (fruit syrup) with drinkable waterand is ideal for medium-size accommodation facilities.

Thanks to the possibility to choose the manually filling mode of its capacious tank, the machine can be moved anywhere, when organising the breakfast buffet or during a break.

The machine delivers twoflavours + water and works with bags in 5-litre boxes*orcontainers *.

The post-mix delivery system with automatic rinsingis based on pre-set doses:

•Glass-full (standard 200 cc)

•Jug-full (standard 1 litre)

•The dilution ratio parameters can be edited through the programming function.

Big Juice features a brushed grey body,while the front graphics is illuminated by neon lamps; to enhance safety, the door is equipped with a key lock.

The electronic system controls the product/water ratio and the presence of water. Water supply to the tank (capacity: 10 litres) :

•AUTOMATIC: the machine is connected to the water network and the water level doesn’t change, as after every delivery it is automatically restored

•MANUAL: the machine is filled manually and the operator needs to restore the water level when the system warns it is too low.

We can optionally provide a series of accessories, consisting of an automatic supply water kit and of a trolley.

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